22 February 2024

Yorba: The Mint of Digital Decluttering

Yorba offers a comprehensive tool for organizing and managing your online accounts, subscriptions, and data privacy, akin to Mint for digital life decluttering.

Yorba: Decluttering Your Digital Life Just Like Mint

Discover how Yorba, a new startup, offers a multi-purpose tool designed to organize and manage your digital footprint. With Yorba, tidy up subscriptions, logins, and mailing lists effortlessly while keeping your data secure.

A Comprehensive Dashboard to Manage Online Relationships

Yorba's web-based dashboard resembles Mint and does not store your data. Instead, it scans your digital relationships through email and financial accounts, offering insights and direct tools to manage your online presence effectively.

Yorba, digital decluttering, online account management, privacy policy, data breach, subscription management, Mint, personal finance tracker, UI/UX design

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