High-End Technology Software Solutions

Trust worthy and reliable programming languages and Frameworks for cutting-edge tech solutions: stay up to date with our ongoing commitment to Innovation.

Maria DB
Rabbit MQ

Backend Django Services

specializes in building efficient and scalable backend structures using the latest technologies such as Celery, Selenium, Gunicorn, REST API, AWS, Nginx, and LXC Containers.

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Software Architecture

Design and architecture of highly-scalable software solutions and engineering pipelines required for data and developments.

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Android Automation

Utilizes the power of Python to create complex automation for Android devices and test applications with ease.

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MVP Development Services

As experienced makers ourselves, our team understands the needs of startups and businesses. With involvement in over 10 startups, we help bring ideas to life and evaluate business strategies through minimum viable product (MVP) development.

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Automated Testing Services

provides cross-platform automation for mid to large-scale teams, offering end-to-end quality assurance to the fullest capabilities. We offer full Pythonic on-cloud or on-premises testing services.

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Pythonic RPA Services

Access our Pythonic robotic process automation (RPA) services to overcome operational challenges, reduce costs, and transform into a fully automated enterprise.

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Custom CRM Dashboard

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution is essential for any business looking to grow. Our custom CRM dashboard helps you find new customers, retain existing ones, and grow your business faster by organizing and managing customer and prospect information efficiently.

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Custom AI Solutions

Get a competitive edge with our AI consulting services and custom AI solutions. We specialize in image analysis, human activity recognition, semantic search, and manual task automation.

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Smart Contract Solutions

A trusted smart contract development company with 2+ years of experience. We provide fail-proof solutions for enterprises and startups across sectors.

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Metaverse Event Management

Bring your events to life in the Touch-cast Metaverse. Experience the future of communication with the world's most iconic organizations.

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Custom Web , Mobile Crawler

We specialize in custom web crawler and bot development to help you automate data collection, web scraping, and other repetitive tasks.

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Data Management Solutions

Get the most out of your data with our comprehensive data management services, including data analysis, data storage, and data security.

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