15 January 2024

Will Startups' Valuations Rebound in 2024? Investors Uncertain

Investors express doubt regarding the recovery of startup valuations in the face of decreasing trends and market predictions for 2024.

Investor Surveys: Will Startup Valuations Recover in 2024?

Amidst the rollercoaster of startup valuations from inflated figures in 2021, there's uncertainty about whether a recovery is on the horizon for 2024. Even as every startup fundraising stage except seed saw median valuations decline last year, over 40 investors share a bleak outlook for the immediate future.

Early Stage Valuations: A Tough Road Ahead

Seed and early-stage startups, though initially shielded from the swift declines felt by late-stage counterparts, may not yet have hit rock bottom. Insights from industry experts suggest that these valuations might experience a further dip before finding a new normal, defining a path riddled with caution for emerging companies.

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