15 February 2024

USPTO Denies 'GPT' Trademark to OpenAI

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has ruled against OpenAI's attempt to trademark 'GPT', deeming it too descriptive for registration.

AI No 'GPT' Trademark for OpenAI

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has denied OpenAI's attempt to trademark "GPT," citing the term as "merely descriptive." This final ruling challenges OpenAI's branding, preventing the use of "TM" alongside the term GPT. Despite OpenAI's efforts to differentiate ChatGPT, the decision points out that GPT is a feature of AI products that many companies use, likening it to a general descriptor such as "crunchy" for a cereal brand.

The Impact of the USPTO's Decision

This trademark refusal may lead to more GPT-related products emerging from competitors, potentially diluting OpenAI's market influence. However, with its substantial mindshare, OpenAI continues to have the first-brander advantage despite lacking specific legal protections for the GPT term. OpenAI's ChatGPT remains the most recognizable AI conversational model, setting the stage for the company to possibly intensify its GPT branding regardless of trademark status.

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