23 February 2024

Treating AI Chatbots Kindly May Improve Performance

Research suggests that using emotive language when interacting with chatbots like ChatGPT could enhance their output and performance.

Treating a Chatbot Nicely Might Boost Its Performance — Here's Why

The phenomenon of emotive prompts impacting the performance of generative AI models, such as ChatGPT, is detailed in this exploration. When users phrase requests in a polite or urgent manner, it appears to motivate the AI to produce better results, even though these models do not possess actual intelligence. From researchers at Microsoft and the Allen Institute for AI to a team at the AI startup Anthropic, various studies suggest that models perform better with certain types of emotional engagement.

Understanding Emotive Prompts

Emotive prompts might manipulate probability mechanisms within AI models, leading to unexpected efficiencies. These prompts can also be a double-edged sword, capable of defeating safeguards and eliciting harmful behaviors. Nouha Dziri from the Allen Institute for AI provides insight into why AI can be influenced by emotive language and what future developments might mitigate the necessity for such specific prompting.

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