01 February 2024

Threads by Meta Surges to 130M Users

Meta's Threads app hits over 130 million monthly users, up from 100 million, competing with platforms like X and Mastodon.

Threads now reaches more than 130 million monthly users, says Meta

Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram's Threads has surpassed 130 million monthly active users, reflecting significant growth from 100 million in the previous quarter. The app is part of Meta's family, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, where daily usage stands at 3.19 billion people. Threads, initially launched to compete with Twitter and other social networking projects, has shown a remarkable recovery, particularly after being promoted to Facebook users.

Meta's Impressive Quarter and Annual Earnings

Meta reported a quarterly revenue of $40.1 billion and yearly earnings of $134.90 billion, outpacing analysts' expectations. The company also announced its first dividend, rewarding shareholders and indicating sound financial health. Zuckerberg's optimism about Threads reaching 1 billion users highlights the app's potential in Meta's comprehensive strategy for growth.

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