26 February 2024

Threads App Introduces Bookmarking for Favorite Posts

Threads, an app similar to Twitter from Instagram, now features a bookmarking tool to privately save posts, following recent updates like trending topics and an in-app camera.

Threads adds a bookmarking feature for saving favorite posts

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is introducing a bookmarking feature, enabling users to save posts for later reference. Unlike the public “like” option, bookmarking offers a more private way to curate content. The feature is similar to that of former competitor X and caters to heavy news consumers who may need to access saved content for various reasons.

How Threads' Bookmarking Works

Unlike its competitor X where the bookmarking icon is easily accessible, Threads requires users to tap the three-dot menu to save a post. Accessing saved posts involves navigating to the app's Settings screen.

Gradual Rollout and User Feedback

Instagram is deploying new features on Threads incrementally, leading to some users not having immediate access to them, including bookmarking and trending topics. Despite being a smaller project under Meta, Threads boasts a significant user base and continues to expand with features like cross-posting from Facebook.

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