15 January 2024

The year of 'does this serve us' and the rejection of reification

This article explores the critical examination of technology's impact on society and the consequences of prioritizing efficiency over human value.

The year of \'does this serve us\' and the rejection of reification

2024 welcomes us with a surge in interest for artificial intelligence, sparking debates on progress and humanity's future. As we embrace new technologies, questions of necessity and desire come to light, challenging the notion that 'easier' equals 'better'.

Rethinking AI's Impact on Work

The discussion moves beyond the hype to consider the real value that AI automation brings to work life, scrutinizing how it affects everyday jobs and the overall economy. In this narrative, we explore the complexity of human satisfaction outside the realms of efficiency and productivity.

Technology, Society, Efficiency, Human Value, AI, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Innovation, Economy

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