23 January 2024

Telegram Introduces 'View-Once' Voice and Video Messages

Telegram updates its app with view-once messages for enhanced privacy, along with other features for both free and premium users.

Telegram Introduces 'View-Once' Voice and Video Messages

Telegram's January feature update brings the 'view-once' option for voice and video messages to enhance privacy. The app earlier added 'view-once' for photos and videos in one-on-one chats. Users can now record a message and select the 'view-once' icon to limit the viewing to a single instance.

Pause Recording and Read-Time Controls

The update also allows pausing and resuming while recording messages. Additionally, Telegram has introduced read-time controls to one-on-one chats, letting users see when their messages are read, with an option to disable this feature in settings.

Exclusive Premium User Features

Premium subscribers gain exclusive features such as hiding their message read-time while being able to see others' if shared. They also have more control over who can message them first, with choices including 'Everyone' or simply 'My Contacts and Premium Users.'

Continuous Innovation at Telegram

Last month, Telegram unveiled channel discovery and customization tools, along with improved calls and a bot platform update for enhanced user interactivity and battery efficiency.

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