27 February 2024

Splitscreen App Enhances Apple Vision Pro with Dual Display Capability

Splitscreen, the latest app by indie developers, enables dual macOS displays on Apple's Vision Pro, transforming the VR/AR experience with a virtual multimonitor environment.

Splitscreen: Revolutionizing Multitasking on Apple Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro gets an incredible enhancement with the new Splitscreen app, allowing users to add a second macOS display for an expanded virtual workspace. Ideal for those who multitask, this application provides the ability to have multiple monitor setups within the VR/AR space. Developed by the innovative team of indie developers, the Splitscreen app brings more displays and settings, promising updates for granular controls and stability.

Indie Developers at the Helm of Innovation

The creators, known for previous works such as the Bezel mirroring app and a range of iOS utilities, use their experience to tackle the challenge of enhancing the Mac Virtual Display experience. With an intuitive design, the app addresses the demand for professional multitasking capabilities in a virtual environment.

Getting Started with Splitscreen

As a testament to its user-centric approach, Splitscreen offers a 15-minute free trial to assess network performance, with a reasonable one-time purchase option post-launch. The app initially caters to a 1920x1080 resolution but plans to diversify support, accommodating more displays and catering to professional workflows effectively.

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