20 February 2024

Speechify Updates: Gmail Sync and Voice Cloning

Speechify v3.0 introduces Gmail integration, document scanning, voice cloning, and new interactive features.

Text-to-speech app Speechify launches Gmail integration and voice cloning

The latest version of Speechify introduces impressive enhancements such as a revamped home page, document scanning capability, and integrations with Gmail, Canvas, and iCloud. This update also includes a more engaging home page design with an Apple Fitness Ring-styled daily reading goal. A standout feature is the ability to clone a user's voice, bolstered by AI-powered document and article summaries read aloud.

New Integrations and Features

Besides the convenience of email reading through Gmail integration, Speechify now supports PDF attachment imports directly into the app. It's also made learning management system tasks more accessible with Canvas, and effortless file syncing with iCloud. The iOS 17 interactive widgets further enrich user interactivity by simplifying the import process, tracking reading progress, and resuming playback of documents.

Offline Listening and Content Exploration

The update promises an enhanced offline listening experience with premium voices, new AI-generated celebrity voices, and a redesigned explore page. Users have access to a rich blend of in-app content emphasizing productivity and self-improvement.

Market Position and Future Plans

With 23 million users and strategic partnerships, Speechify aims to solidify its position in the market. The company plans to release a public API and expand its content offering, striving to be the quintessential platform for reading experiences through its broad range of integrations and unique features.

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