11 January 2024

Siri needs to get a lot smarter, and quickly

In a recent trip, Haje Jan Kamps voices serious concerns about Siri's ability to keep up with competitors, citing examples of its lackluster performance in understanding and adapting to natural human speech.

Siri needs to get a lot smarter, and quickly

During a recent road trip to CES in Las Vegas, the author realized Apple's Siri is significantly lagging behind its competitors. While Siri was one of the first voice assistants on smartphones, its features now seem outdated. The inability to adapt to natural human speech patterns and the insistence on using a 24-hour time format are just a few examples of the frustrations encountered. Meanwhile, competitors like Alexa and Google's voice assistant are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Is Siri Falling Behind in the Voice Assistant Race?

The disappointing experience with Siri during the road trip highlights a broader issue: Apple needs to improve Siri's intelligence to stay competitive. As voice assistants become more integrated into our daily lives, the pressure is on for Siri to catch up and meet the evolving demands of users who seek a more natural and seamless interaction.

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