20 February 2024

Signal Introduces Usernames to Protect Phone Numbers

Signal's new feature allows users to create unique usernames, enhancing privacy by keeping phone numbers private while chatting.

Signal Introduces Usernames to Enhance Privacy

Signal, the secure messaging app, has launched a new feature that allows its users to create unique usernames. This significant update enables users to keep their phone numbers private while connecting with others. With usernames, Signal users can conveniently chat without revealing their phone numbers, thereby increasing privacy and reducing the risk of phone number hijacking.

Usernames: Not Social Media Handles

Unlike social media platforms, Signal's usernames are not visible profile components nor a searchable element. They are designed as an alternative to phone number sharing, purely for initiating secure conversations. Users are still recognized by their chosen profile names in chats and groups, and phone numbers can be hidden in the updated app settings for discrete communication.

Control Who Can Find You

Alongside the introduction of usernames, Signal has implemented a new privacy feature. This feature permits users to decide who can find them via phone number on the app. It protects your presence on Signal from unknown parties and provides autonomy over your own privacy settings within the platform.

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