29 January 2024

Shortwave Email Client Debuts AI-powered Instant Summaries & Features

Shortwave is revolutionizing email management with AI-powered instant summaries, writing assistance, and extended AI assistant features for both iOS and Android, including innovative multi-select AI actions.

Shortwave Email Client's AI-powered Updates

Shortwave, the innovative email client, is introducing groundbreaking AI-powered summaries, offering instant insights atop emails and threads. The tool now automatically displays a one-sentence summary without the need for manually activating the feature. This enhancement is designed to aid in the rapid comprehension of multiple emails.

Extending AI Capabilities to Mobile

Expanding its AI Assistant feature to iOS and Android, Shortwave helps users draft messages, perform web searches, and navigate email conversations. Although the AI Assistant search functionality is a premium offering, it promises to enhance productivity significantly for mobile users.

AI Multiselect and Autocomplete

With the new AI multiselect, users can manage email threads more efficiently by interacting with the Assistant for grouped emails. Additionally, the autocomplete feature learns users' styles, suggesting longer sentences and speeding up the writing process, although this is reserved for Pro and Business plan subscribers.

Pricing and Business Focus

Shortwave has restructured its pricing, targeting a diverse user base with personal, professional, and business plans. The emphasis on business users highlights the growing demand for AI-driven insights into email management. Shortwave's advancements are positioning it as a formidable competitor in the AI-integrated email client space.

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