02 March 2024

Shining a Light on Women in AI: Karine Perset's Journey

TechCrunch kicks off its series on remarkable women in AI by interviewing Karine Perset of the OECD, highlighting her contributions and the ongoing challenges in AI policy.

Spotlighting AI Innovators: Karine Perset's Pioneering Work at OECD

TechCrunch is proud to launch a series of interviews celebrating influential women in AI, starting with Karine Perset of the OECD. Perset's work in AI and public policy, including her leadership of the OECD.AI Policy Observatory, has been pivotal in guiding global AI governance. The observatory documents over 1,000 AI initiatives, reflecting Perset's dedication to balancing innovation with ethical considerations.

Striking a Balance in AI Governance

With a focus on trustworthy AI, Karine Perset has made significant contributions to the field. Her efforts to ensure a balance between AI's potential benefits and the risks of its misuse highlight the importance of the OECD AI Principles established in 2019. Perset's work emphasizes the global need for clear AI governance, proving instrumental as AI technology continues to evolve rapidly.

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