14 February 2024

Over 1,000 Apps Tailored for Apple's Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro, the latest in AR/VR technology, now boasts over 1,000 specially designed apps, demonstrating significant developer interest despite competition.

Apple's Vision Pro Over 1,000 Apps and Growing

Apple's latest innovation in AR/VR technology, the Vision Pro, now boasts over 1,000 apps specifically created to leverage its advanced spatial computing capabilities. Greg Joswiak applauds the dedicated developers whose efforts have resulted in an impressive app ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in mixed reality experiences.

Expanding App Market Despite Regulatory Challenges

Despite Apple's recent struggles with developer regulations, the growing number of Vision Pro apps suggests a strong belief in Apple's platform as a vehicle for success. While some big names express dissent, Apple's developer community continues to expand, with tools like Y Combinator's call for spatial computing startups indicating a bright future for AR/VR development.

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