13 February 2024

Otter Introduces GenAI Toolkit for Enhanced AI Meeting Assistance

Otter, the AI meeting assistant, enhances its offerings with Meeting GenAI, featuring a suite of AI tools designed for more efficient corporate meetings.

Otter Introduces Meeting GenAI with New AI Tools

Otter, an AI-powered meeting assistant known for transcribing audio in real-time, is taking meetings to the next level. They are launching Meeting GenAI, which includes an AI chatbot for quick information retrieval on past meetings, an interactive AI chat for teams, and an AI conversation summary for efficient meeting recaps.

A Corporate Focus

Aimed at enhancing corporate meeting efficiency, Otter's Meeting GenAI competes with similar AI features from giants like Microsoft Copilot and Zoom AI Companion. The service provides comprehensive interaction with historical meeting data and an AI chat feature that integrates with group chats, answering queries on-the-fly.

Accessibility and Cost

Adopting a secure cloud-based storage, Otter ensures meeting data is accessible across devices without using customer data to train its AI. Surprisingly, Otter's powerful new GenAI features come without an additional cost, setting it apart from competitors who charge annual fees.

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