16 January 2024

OpenAI's Collective Alignment Team to Shape AI's Ethical Framework

OpenAI forms a new team to incorporate public governance suggestions into AI model behavior, signaling a step toward aligning AI with human values.

OpenAI Announces New Team for 'Crowdsourced' Governance Ideas

OpenAI aims to incorporate public input into the development and governance of its AI models. The company has formed a new Collective Alignment team, consisting of researchers and engineers tasked with creating a system to collect and bake public opinions into OpenAI's products and services.

AI Governance Through Public Engagement

This initiative builds on OpenAI's efforts to democratize the decision-making process for AI system guidelines. The Collective Alignment team expands on a previously introduced grant program that supports the development of democratic processes for AI governance. OpenAI has publicized the work of grant recipients, featuring diverse applications such as video chat interfaces and crowdsourced model audits.

Despite some industry critique and regulatory scrutiny, OpenAI continues to promote its commitment to openness and responsible AI innovation. Recent efforts to mitigate regulatory risks and enhance content identification tools reflect the startup's ongoing engagement with policymakers and the broader community.

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