25 January 2024

OpenAI Slashes Prices, Revamps 'Lazy' GPT-4

OpenAI announces significant price cuts for API access and introduces updated GPT-4 model addressing previous 'laziness' in task completion.

OpenAI Drops Prices and Fixes 'Lazy' GPT-4

OpenAI has announced price reductions for its API access and an update to the GPT-4 model, addressing issues of 'laziness' in task completion. This update represents a significant nod towards ongoing competitiveness and model improvements in the AI industry.

Price Changes and Model Enhancements

The company has slashed input prices by 50% and output by 25%, catering to developers and as an indicator of shifting consumer prices. GPT-3.5 Turbo has received an update with 'various improvements'. Additionally, the text embedding models and moderation API have also been updated, signaling continual advancements in text analysis and content moderation.

Anticipating Future Rollouts

With an enhanced GPT-4 Turbo API preview model, OpenAI aims to cut down on task incompleteness. Moreover, the much-awaited GPT-4 V, which incorporates vision capabilities, is set to be released in the general availability shortly, marking another milestone in AI development.

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