30 January 2024

OpenAI Integrates Direct GPT Invocation in ChatGPT

OpenAI has enabled its ChatGPT users to directly invoke third-party GPTs within chats, enhancing the platform's interactivity and utility.

ChatGPT Users Can Now Invoke GPTs Directly in Chats

OpenAI has introduced a new feature for ChatGPT users, allowing them to integrate third-party apps (GPTs) directly into their conversations. Users simply need to type "@" and choose a GPT to add context-aware assistance into any chat.

Discovering New GPTs

The integration follows the opening of the GPT Store, a hub for browsing and incorporating various GPTs, even without coding knowledge. Available GPTs cover a wide range of functionalities, from trail recommendations to coding tutorials and content design.

Challenges Ahead

Despite this advancement, OpenAI faces obstacles such as moderate user uptake and content moderation, with some users violating terms by creating suggestive or impersonating bots. OpenAI is acting to remove such GPTs while considering growth and upcoming developer monetization.

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