13 February 2024

Nvidia Unveils Chat with RTX: AI Chatbot Tool for PCs

Nvidia's new tool, Chat with RTX, allows GeForce RTX 30 and 40 Series GPU owners to run an AI-powered chatbot offline on a Windows PC by customizing a GenAI model with their local documents and files.

Nvidia's New AI Tool for GeForce Users

Nvidia has released a new tool, Chat with RTX, allowing GeForce RTX 30 and 40 Series card owners to run an AI-powered chatbot offline on Windows PCs. The tool, which aims to simplify query handling by connecting to local documents and files, is customizable and supports various text-based models. With the ability to work with different file formats, it facilitates easier local running of AI models, aligning with trends towards offline GenAI model execution.

Features and Limitations

Chat with RTX allows users to point the app at supported file formats to include in the fine-tuning dataset and has integrated support for YouTube playlist transcriptions. However, it cannot remember context between questions and the quality of responses can vary based on several factors. Nvidia provides a candid outline of these limitations, emphasizing that the tool is more of an accessible experiment than a production-ready application.

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