02 February 2024

Navigating the New Reality: Apple's Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro goes beyond traditional screen experiences, sparking discussions on digital interactions and the realities they create.

Apple Vision Pro: Day Two Screen time is about to get a whole lot more intense

As we ponder the average American's seven hours of daily screen time, Apple flips the narrative with the launch of Vision Pro - a near $3,500 device designed to redefine our interaction with technology. This piece explores the writer's immersive experience with the headset, from entertainment to work communication, and even morning meditations, testing the boundaries of all that's possible with two 23-million-pixel screens strapped to your face.

Living Through Screens: An Introspection

The Vision Pro experience goes beyond just another shiny gadget; it's a step into the future of mixed reality and spatial computing. With its ability to overlay graphics in real-time, it challenges the concept of what's real and what's augmented. Amidst bouts of VR-induced nausea and existential musings on photography and reality sparked by tech executives' comments, the author grapples with the significance and potential of a life augmented by Apple's latest innovation.

Apple Vision Pro, screen time, extended reality, digital well-being, spatial computing, product review

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