18 January 2024

Microsoft Launches Free AI Reading Tutor

Microsoft's AI-powered Reading Coach is now available for free to anyone with a Microsoft account, aiming to boost reading fluency and comprehension.

Microsoft Makes Its AI-powered Reading Tutor Free

Today, Microsoft announced the release of Reading Coach, an AI-powered learning tool designed to provide personalized reading practice, and it's now available for free to anyone with a Microsoft account. The tool offers various features like text-to-speech, syllable breaking, and picture dictionaries to assist learners. A new feature allows students to create their own stories, enhancing engagement and learning opportunities.

Enhancements and Educator Insights

Reading Coach has been updated with a "choose your own story" feature and provides feedback on pronunciation, helping students progress by unlocking new characters and scenes. While some educators are skeptical about the effectiveness of AI in reading comprehension, others are optimistic, citing the benefits of adaptive technology in accurately assessing student's reading levels.

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