15 January 2024

Microsoft Introduces Copilot Pro for Enhanced AI Integration

Microsoft launches a Pro version of Copilot, offering advanced AI features in Microsoft 365 and a new, more accessible enterprise-level service.

Microsoft launches a Pro plan for Copilot

Microsoft introduces Copilot Pro, a new subscription plan aimed at consumers, priced at $20 per user per month. The plan works with Microsoft 365 Personal or Family and provides advanced AI capabilities in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Copilot Pro is not included in Microsoft 365 by default and raises the cost of the lowest-tier subscription to $27 per month. Features include AI-generated text, data visualizations, email drafting assistance, and 100 daily boosts in Microsoft's Designer tool.

Expanding Copilot for businesses and upcoming features

Alongside the consumer plan, Microsoft is broadening the availability of its enterprise-level Copilot offerings. This includes Copilot in Teams for real-time meeting summaries and tasks, and enhanced data protection. Users can look forward to Copilot GPT Builder for creating specialized AI models and Copilot Studio for custom enterprise solutions. New languages and a free mobile app with Copilot access are also part of the recent updates.

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