26 February 2024

Microsoft Announces 'AI Access Principles'

Microsoft unveils an 11-point 'AI Access Principles' plan to address competition concerns related to its partnership with OpenAI and investment in AI technologies.

Microsoft announces \'AI access principles\' to offset OpenAI competition concerns

Microsoft launches an eleven-point \'AI Access Principles\' framework aimed at addressing competition concerns in the AI industry. Commitments include the operation of an app store for diverse AI products, protection of proprietary data, and the facilitation of switching cloud services. The initiative comes amid regulatory scrutiny over Microsoft's significant investment in OpenAI. While the principles outlined are not binding, they represent Microsoft's effort to promote competition and may serve as a reference in regulatory discussions.

Public Pronouncement and Future Compliance

The announcement, made by Brad Smith at the Mobile World Congress, has no scope for follow-up questions, signaling openness to dialogue but with limitations. These principles, although not enforceable regulations, put into public domain Microsoft's commitment to competition and could be utilized by competitors and regulators as a compliance benchmark.

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