22 February 2024

Meta's Oversight Board Adds Threads to Scrutiny List

Meta's independent Oversight Board now includes Threads in its review scope, overseeing content moderation practices alongside Facebook and Instagram.

Meta's Oversight Board extends its scope to Threads

Meta's Oversight Board, initially overseeing Facebook and Instagram, now includes Threads in its ambit. This expansion allows Threads users to appeal content moderation decisions directly to the independent advisory group.

The Need for Independent Oversight

In response to controversies surrounding content moderation, Meta has allowed for an independent body to review and rule on content decisions. Notable cases include the indefinite banning of former President Donald Trump, with the board calling for clearer guidelines on such actions.

Threads' Moderation Challenges

Since its launch, Threads has faced scrutiny for moderation practices, including blocking terms related to COVID-19 and politics. Despite temporary bans and content labels, Meta is still working to refine its approach, emphasizing the need for preserving freedom of expression while reducing harm online.

Adhering to Standards

The process for appealing decisions hasn't changed with Threads, allowing users a 15-day window post-Meta's verdict. The Oversight Board issues recommendations and decisions, the latter of which Meta is required to follow, highlighting the board's role in setting online standards.

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