19 January 2024

Maker Tech Startups on the Rise

Exploring the emergence of affordable prototyping and manufacturing technologies for makers and hobbyists, with highlights from CES 2024 and updates on AI, transport tech, and startup trends.


A new dawn emerges for maker tech startups, as they embark on changing the accessibility of prototyping and manufacturing. Similar to Glowforge, Cricut, RepRap, and Ultimaker's impact on their respective fields, a fresh wave of companies seeks to democratize CNC milling and lathes for maker spaces and hobbyists. This week also highlighted trends in transportation at CES 2024, where electrification and AI in vehicles took center stage. Conversely, sex tech was notably absent.

Intriguing Startup Movements

From the potential extension of Astrobotic's Peregrine lunar lander's life in orbit to the saga between Apple and Beeper, the startup world continues to buzz with activity. Notable strides in property business models, AI integrations in various sectors, and the looming challenges for technology IPO hopefuls shape this week's highlights.

Startups, Maker Tech, Prototyping, CES 2024, AI, Transport Technology, IPO, Cybersecurity, AI Startups

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