29 February 2024

Leaky Database Exposes 2FA Codes for Major Tech Companies

An open database by YX International spilled 2FA codes, possibly compromising Facebook, Google, and TikTok accounts.

Security Breach: 2FA Codes for Tech Giants Exposed

In a significant security lapse, a technology company's unsecured database leaked one-time security codes, potentially granting access to user accounts on platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. YX International, responsible for routing millions of SMS texts globally, left the database unprotected, leading to a potential privacy invasion. Security researcher Anurag Sen discovered the breach and alerted the media to help identify the owner. While the exposed data includes sensitive 2FA codes and password reset links, it's uncertain if anyone else accessed the compromised database before it was secured.

The Risks of SMS-Based 2FA

While two-factor authentication enhances online security, SMS-based 2FA codes are vulnerable to interception and leaks. This incident highlights the need for superior security measures, such as app-based code generators, to safeguard digital accounts.

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