05 January 2024

Investors Positive on 2024 Startup Exits

After a lukewarm 2023, investors exhibit optimism for startup exit activities in 2024, with expectations of a rebound in M&A and IPO markets.

A New Year Ushers in Fresh Optimism for Startups and Investors

After a mediocre 2023, investors are looking forward to a hopeful 2024 with anticipated growth in exit activities such as M&A and the IPO market. The timing of these activities is uncertain, but venture capitalists recognize the significant factors that will influence the economic landscape.

Spotlight on Israeli Cybersecurity Startups

Despite challenges, Israeli cybersecurity startups completed notable funding rounds and acquisitions in the latter part of 2023. The impact of these movements is expected to unfold in the first half of the new year, as outlined by YL Ventures' CTO Nadav Lev.

Reassessing Equity Crowdfunding

Contrary to common skepticism, equity crowdfunding presents itself as an attractive alternative for startups seeking capital. This financing route may offer a more compelling growth narrative versus traditional venture capital investments.

Climate Tech: The Thriving Job Market Amidst Tech Layoffs

While tech layoffs were prevalent in 2023, the climate tech industry has emerged as a beacon of job creation. As companies in this field continue to expand their workforce, career opportunities in climate tech appear promising in 2024.

Navigating Changes in the PERM Process

Sophie, an expert in operational and HR consulting for tech startups, addresses inquiries about the PERM process and highlights the updates to look for in the new year.

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