01 March 2024

Groq Acquires Definitive Intelligence to Expand AI Chip Operations

AI chip startup Groq forms a new business unit, Groq Systems, and acquires AI solutions firm Definitive Intelligence to bolster its enterprise and public sector offerings.

AI Chip Startup Groq's Strategic Expansion with New Division and Acquisition

Groq, an innovative startup in the AI chip industry, announces the formation of Groq Systems, a new business unit aimed at extending its ecosystem to serve organizations and government agencies. This strategic move includes the acquisition of Definitive Intelligence, a company specializing in AI solutions.

Definitive Intelligence Acquisition

Groq acquires Definitive Intelligence to bolster its cloud platform GroqCloud, with CEO Sunny Madra leading the new initiatives. The union enhances Groq's capabilities in providing advanced AI-powered solutions and accelerates its mission to democratize AI technology.

Revolutionizing AI Processing Speed

Groq is redefining AI model processing by claiming a 10x speed improvement with its Language Processing Unit (LPU) over conventional hardware. The acquisition of Definitive Intelligence complements Groq's ambition to lead the industry with the fastest AI inference engine.

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