23 January 2024

Google Unveils AI-Driven Gemini Tool for Easier Search Ad Campaigns

Google's Gemini conversational tool leverages large language models to simplify the creation and scaling of Search ad campaigns for advertisers.

Google's Gemini-Powered Conversational Tool for Advertisers

Google has implemented Gemini, its advanced multimodal language models, to enhance its Google Ads platform. This integration offers advertisers a conversational tool to swiftly create and expand Search ad campaigns using a chat-based interface. The tool autonomously generates ad content, recommends images, and even employs generative AI to personalize campaign visuals. Advertisers in the U.S. and U.K. now have beta access, with plans for global expansion in the near future.

Streamlining Campaign Creation with AI

By adopting the conversational experience, advertisers are empowered to build high-quality Search campaigns with minimal effort. Google's new AI features go beyond ad creation, with recent introductions including the Product Studio with text-to-image capabilities for advertisers. As AI becomes more deeply integrated into Google's suite of tools, it continues to enhance user experiences, as seen with the latest AI-driven features in Google Chrome, like writing assistance and tab organization.

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