11 January 2024

Google Supports Oregon Repair Bill

Google publicly backs the Oregon right to repair legislation, aligning it with broader sustainability efforts and contrasting Apple's stance on repair restrictions.

Google Supports Oregon Right to Repair Legislation

Google has publicly endorsed the Oregon right to repair legislation through an open letter from its director, Steven Nickel, and released a white paper linking repairability to its sustainability goals. The company emphasizes its commitment by highlighting the seven-year software support for its Pixel devices.

The Right to Repair Movement's Growth

The movement has seen significant momentum, with California joining New York and Minnesota in passing related legislation. Apple's surprising support contrasts with its criticism from Oregon's Senator Janeen Sollman for controlling repair access with proprietary parts.

The Challenge of Proprietary Parts

Apple's proprietary parts policy has been criticized for causing malfunctions when non-original components are used for repairs. Google, in contrast, has been working with third-party repair providers like iFixit to offer home repair options for Pixel devices, focusing on customer access and ease of repair.

Google's Commitment Amid Company Changes

Google asserts that products should be designed for easy and correct repairs after confirming layoffs and restructuring affecting Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit product lines.

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