22 February 2024

Google Phasing Out Gmail's Basic HTML View in 2024

Google is set to discontinue Gmail's basic HTML view for email access by January 2024, transitioning users to Standard view while focusing on AI-driven features in its services.

Google is killing Gmail's basic HTML view in 2024

An announcement has been made regarding the discontinuation of Gmail’s basic HTML view, set to take place in January 2024. While Gmail itself will remain intact, the HTML view, which offers a simplified version of the email service, will be phased out.

Why is Gmail's basic HTML view being sunset?

The HTML view of Gmail was created for users with slower internet connections or older browsers. It lacks several modern features but has been useful for those in low-connectivity areas. As Google moves forward with adding AI-powered features, such as Duet AI and Bard chatbot integration, the more feature-rich standard view is being positioned as the default experience for users.

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