22 February 2024

Google Halts AI Image Generation in Gemini Over Inaccuracies

Google suspends Gemini's capacity to create images of people to address historical inaccuracies and improve the AI's performance.

AI: Google Pauses AI Tool Gemini's Persona Image Generation

Google has temporarily stopped Gemini, its AI image generator, from creating images of people due to historical inaccuracies. A social media post explained the suspension as a measure to address 'recent issues'. Google aims to correct these inaccuracies and re-release an updated version of the tool.

The Controversy Over Gemini's Historical Images

Strange depictions of historical figures on social media have drawn criticism, including bizarre representations of the U.S. Founding Fathers. Google acknowledges the problem, stating that improvement of such depictions is currently underway. The controversy shines a light on the challenges faced by generative AI tools, which depend heavily on the data and parameters they are trained on.

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