11 January 2024

Google Discontinues 17 Assistant Features

Google announced it is removing 17 underutilized features from Google Assistant to enhance quality and reliability, with alternative solutions for some functions.

Google is removing 17 \'underutilized\' Assistant features

Google has announced the removal of 17 features from Google Assistant deemed 'underutilized'. This decision is part of an effort to enhance the quality and reliability of the service. Users trying to access these features will receive a notification about their discontinuation starting January 26. The changes coincide with layoffs within Google's Assistant and hardware teams.

Impacted Features and Alternatives

The axed features include voice commands for sending emails, making payments, and more. While Google will offer alternatives for some functions, others are to be permanently discontinued. Notable removals include voice controls for Google Play Books audiobooks, media alarms, and messages to Google Family Group, among others. Google also announced changes to microphone functionality in the Google app and Pixel devices, which will now focus on Voice Search over Assistant tasks.

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