21 January 2024

Fintech Growth and Fire Sales: A Reporter's Perspective

Explore insights on fintech startups, from fire sales to funding rounds, and the excitement of tracking their evolution.


The landscape of fintech startups is both thrilling and dynamic, exemplified by ZestMoney's journey from investor-backed success to its eventual 'fire sale' to DMI. Diverse growth stories populate the sector, with companies like Briq evolving from a $10 million Series A to an $8 million Series B extension at a $150 million valuation.

Analysis of the week

It's fascinating to monitor the trajectory of companies from their nascent stages to significant expansions. Witnessing the likes of Briq and Argentinian Pomelo achieve substantial growth year over year offers a glimpse into how investors might feel observing the maturation of their portfolios.

Dollars and cents

The past week has been a flurry of activity with a series of monetary moves. Digital Onboarding's $58M round intends to improve bank customer engagement, while Kashable's $25.6M funding is set to boost employment-based lending. Tandem introduces an app for couples to manage finances together, having secured a $3.7 million investment.

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