29 January 2024

Developer Experience vs Productivity Obsession

An analysis on the impact of prioritizing developer experience over measuring developer productivity.

Developer experience is more important than developer productivity

There's an unhealthy obsession within companies regarding the measurement of developer productivity. Andrew Boyagi, a DevOps Evangelist at Atlassian, discusses the challenges that senior leaders face in trying to monitor productivity levels and argues that the focus should instead be on improving the developer experience.

The unhealthy obsession with measuring developer productivity

With over 20 years of leading teams in Australia's largest enterprises, Boyagi highlights the misplaced efforts on finding a 'magic measure' of productivity. He emphasizes that the time and resources spent on this could be better utilized in initiatives that enhance developer productivity, directly benefiting both the teams and the organization.

developer experience, developer productivity, software teams, DevOps, Atlassian, Andrew Boyagi

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