25 February 2024

Desktop Lamps Emit NIR Light to Help Improve Mood

Exploring the impact of desktop lamps with near-infrared light on mood enhancement, addressing seasonal affective disorder, and highlighting the technology's potential.

Desktop Lamps Emit Near-Infrared Light for Mood Improvement

With the rise of time spent indoors, light therapy lamps have gained popularity to combat the lack of sun exposure and potential effects on mood. Recent developments in "near-infrared" (NIR) light therapy show promising potential to replace traditional large SAD (Season Affective Disorder) lamps.

Innovations at MWC: A Glimpse Into NIR Light Therapy

At the recent MWC event, a Dutch company revealed small devices that could potentially substitute unwieldy SAD lamps. These new gadgets are sized to conveniently sit by your computer or clip onto a display, all while providing NIR light therapy to possibly aid with depression and improve overall well-being.

near-infrared light, mood enhancement, seasonal affective disorder, light therapy, photobiomodulation, mental health, desktop lamps

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