15 February 2024

Crowdsource Fixes for GenAI Model Issues

Guardrails AI aims to address the challenge of harmful AI model outputs by offering a crowdsourced platform for developers to share and implement model guardrails.


Guardrails AI is positioning itself as a unique solution to the prevalent issue of GenAI model problems by introducing an open source platform that crowdsources fixes. Co-founded by industry veterans, the platform offers a marketplace called Guardrails Hub where developers can submit "validators" that ensure GenAI models adhere to behavioral, compliance, and performance benchmarks.

Innovation in GenAI Governance

The novel approach of Guardrails AI lies in its combination of open source accessibility and community-driven development. Validators in the Hub range from simple checks to complex algorithms, allowing organizations to customize solutions to their specific needs. This process aims to democratize the moderation of GenAI models and potentially accelerate the adoption of AI by tackling the trust and reliability concerns head-on.

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