27 January 2024

Critical 2024 AI policy blueprint: Unlocking potential and safeguarding against workplace risks

As AI continues to shape the workplace, businesses face challenges in managing emerging risks. Developing robust AI policies is crucial for ethical, legal, and practical governance.

Critical 2024 AI Policy Blueprint: Unlocking Potential and Safeguarding Against Workplace Risks

Many have described 2023 as the year of AI, with significant impacts on productivity and efficiency in the workplace. However, AI has also brought emerging risks for businesses. A Harris Poll survey indicates that while a majority of employed Americans use AI-powered tools, nearly half also use non-company-supplied AI tools for work, leading to ethical, legal, privacy, and practical challenges. Most organizations lack internal policies on generative AI, underscoring the need for robust policy development to prevent future issues.

AI Use and Governance: Risks and Challenges

The disconnect between the rapid adoption of generative AI and formal policies in place poses challenges in AI risk management and governance for businesses. Despite a perception that AI tool usage is safe, the absence of internal regulations leaves organizations vulnerable. Creating comprehensive policies and standards now is essential to avoid significant complications in the future.

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