11 January 2024

CNDO Launches New Social App for Creators and Fans

Tim Schaecker, TikToker and Elevator Boys member, has launched a new social networking app CNDO to connect creators with fans through challenges and community rooms.

CNDO: The New Social Networking Hub for Creators and Fans

Founded by TikTok star Tim Schaecker, CNDO launches as a challenge-based platform aimed at deepening connections between content creators and their followers. The app features private social rooms, community-wide challenges, and exclusive updates, fostering a space for fans to bond and creators to engage with their communities.

Empowering Connections Through Challenges

CNDO places a strong emphasis on challenge-led interactions, believing that working towards common goals can strengthen online relationships. Creators can encourage followers in activities like fitness, while fans benefit from the communal support and the chance to foster genuine friendships.

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