21 February 2024

Clumio Secures $75M for Cloud Backup Automation

Clumio has raised $75 million in Series D funding to enhance its cloud data backup and recovery services amid growing threats like ransomware and the need for robust data management.

Clumio raises $75M to automate cloud data backup and recovery

Clumio, a company specializing in data backup and recovery for public cloud users, has secured $75 million in Series D funding. The company has seen a significant increase in annual recurring revenue, partly thanks to new customers like Atlassian. As public cloud usage grows, so do the challenges associated with ransomware, data center disasters, and regulatory compliance. Clumio aims to address these issues by providing automated data backup and recovery workflows.

Expanding Cloud Coverage

Initially focused on Amazon's cloud services, Clumio plans to extend its hyper-optimized data plane to other cloud providers to meet customers' needs across various clouds. The challenge is to ensure comprehensive backup coverage, especially for applications built across multiple cloud infrastructures, a gap Clumio is working to fill.

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