01 February 2024

Apple Vision Pro: A First Look

Unbox and explore the intricacies of the new $3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset with Brian Heater as he guides through the setup experience and first-day impressions.

Apple Vision Pro: Day One

The long-awaited day has arrived, your $3,500 Apple Vision Pro headset is here, but the journey has just begun. From its elegant unboxing experience to the initial setup, every detail screams quintessential Apple.

First Impressions and Setup

Choosing the right band and light seal insert is crucial for comfort, especially if you wear glasses. The infamous battery pack marks the beginning of the boot-up sequence. Setting up involves orienting sensors and, for glasses wearers, enrolling your lenses with a QR-like code for the best experience.

Creating Your Digital Persona

The face scan mimics the iPhone's Face ID setup, and the 3D avatar reflects your features unless you squint like I did! The avatar will represent you in digital interactions, and it's a feature still in its beta phase, ready for improvements.

Adapting to Vision Pro

Eye and hand tracking are at the forefront of input methods; pinch and swipe actions control this new way of computing. Take your time to adjust to the visionOS and the headset. Mind the weight and potential motion sickness, but remember, this could be the dawning of a new computing era.

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