22 January 2024

AI: Turn headwinds into opportunity in 2024

Exploring the adaptability challenges and opportunities in the year 2023 for startups and investors in the AI industry.

AI: Turn headwinds into opportunity in 2024

2023 was a year that forced companies to return to the basics and adapt to a volatile macroeconomic landscape. For founders, this meant reshaping the way they built and grew their businesses, emphasizing cash preservation, and focusing on product necessity. Investors faced a year of extremes, from the AI hype to the caution resulting from the crypto fallout. Amid such uncertainty, adaptability became a key to survival and the potential birth of great innovation, much like the 'Coltrane changes' revolutionized jazz.

Looking Back to Look Forward

The challenges faced by startups in 2023 parallel the ways jazz musician John Coltrane transformed the genre with innovative harmonic progressions. Just as Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' pushed musicians to explore new patterns, startups were pushed to navigate the year's economic complexities to ensure their resilience and relevance. This period of disruption, while difficult, may set the stage for the emergence of some of the most formidable and enduring companies.

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