21 February 2024

AI Pioneers Aiming for Anti-Deepfake Laws

Over 500 AI experts have united to sign a letter urging legislators to enact anti-deepfake laws, highlighting the importance of regulating AI-generated impersonations to protect society.

AI Experts Demand Deepfake Regulation

Leaders in artificial intelligence have united in an open letter, seeking stringent regulations against AI-generated impersonations known as 'deepfakes'. Despite the doubt over immediate legislative action, the movement signals a strong stance from the AI community on this contentious matter.

Widespread Call to Action

With over 500 signatures from AI professionals and academics, the letter advocates for strict criminalization of harmful deepfakes and proactive measures by developers to deter the creation and spread of such content. Prominent figures like Jaron Lanier and Andrew Yang are among the many who have expressed support for these protective measures.

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