07 January 2024

AI-Driven DevSecOps: The Future of Software Development

AI is transforming the DevSecOps landscape with new trends in code testing, IP protection, bias mitigation, and increased AI integration.

As AI becomes standard, watch for these 4 DevSecOps trends

AI's integration into software development marks a critical juncture, compelling DevSecOps leaders to push for effective and responsible AI use. Four key trends emerge: increased AI in code testing, IP and privacy threats, rising AI bias, and growing reliance on AI. Aligning with these trends is essential for innovation and avoiding business derailment.

From luxury to standard: Organizations will embrace AI across the board

AI is moving from a luxury to a standard feature in all industries, driven by the need to stay competitive. DevSecOps integrates AI seamlessly, and over two-thirds of businesses will include AI in their products by 2024, transitioning from AI experimentation to an AI-centric approach.

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