12 January 2024

1X Secures $100M in Series B Led by OpenAI for Humanoid Robotics

Robotics company 1X announces a significant $100M Series B funding, led by OpenAI, to advance the development of its humanoid robot NEO, aiming to address global labor shortages.

Robotics and OpenAI's Significant Investment in Humanoid Robots

1X, a Norwegian firm backed by OpenAI, races ahead in the development of humanoid robots with an additional $100M in Series B funding, raising their total to $125M. This significant investment reflects the company's commitment to tackling global labor shortages with their NEO humanoid robot, designed for environments built by and for humans. Despite some skepticism, the role of generative AI may be crucial in advancing general-purpose robotic functionality. The recent funding will reward 1X's dedicated team and enhance their Embodied AI technology, further positioning NEO for market leadership.

The Significance of OpenAI's Backing

OpenAI's involvement in 1X's funding rounds underscores the importance of AI technologies in advancing the field of humanoid robotics. With OpenAI's expertise in generative AI and their strategic investment in 1X, the potential to overcome technical hurdles and fulfill the promise of general-purpose humanoids is more palpable.

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